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BPHS Heat shrinkable tubing information
BPHS is a very thin wall heat shrinkable tubing without adhesive. BPHS is made of PET, a strong, ultrathin and slick material. BPHS is widely used for encapsulating batterypacks and other electronics. BPHS is free of halogens which makes it the right choice for low fire hazard environments. BPHS starts shrinking at a low temperature of 80°C.

BPHS is ultrathin and strong.  The size of BPHS is, in contrast to most heat shrinkables, measured by its flat width. For example a size of 36mm has a circumference of 72 mm. The circumference of your object or batterypack should therefore be smaller than 72mm , and more than half that amount due to the max. shrinkage of 50%. We would advice it for objects between roghly 40 and 68 mm circumference, which is about 12 to 20 mm diameter for a round object.
Shrink BPHS with a heat source like a heat gun.

Available colours and specifications
Halogen free Polyester (PET)


-40 tot 125° C

strong and slick surface

20 to 105mm (flat measured width)

Available colours


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